Pidol : All creating, all expanding

Pidol is a live-streaming platform with video on demand (VOD) clipping and posting functions where ALL OF THE SUPPORT AND DONATION from communities and fans go to their favorite content creators and idols without any fee!

Viewers can support their favorite broadcasters with in-app gifts, and some popular broadcasters use the app as a full-time employment. We at Pidol only profit from advertising and make sure that creators from our platform have all of the rights and benefits they deserve!

Pidol primarily focuses on live streaming and includes official broadcasts of online events. In addition, Pidol also has live broadcasts for a variety of other genres, including education, esports and real live streams.


On the occasion of the Pidol launching - a Streaming and Short video platform for the new generation, the project kicked off the program Pidol Xplor: Explore the world with Pidol, with a total prize of up to 9000$.


How to join:

1, Create an account on the Pidol Dapp (expected to launch October 20, 2022)

2, Live stream or upload videos to the platform.

To participate in the event, each account needs to have a minimum of 20,000 views and 1000 hearts. The reward will be calculated according to the number of followers that meet the above conditions.

The event time:

Start time: 00:00 20/10 - 23:59 11/10/2022 (UTC +7)

Time to announce results: 11/11 - 15/11/2022

Main prize system:

1st prize: 2000$ for the content creator with the most followers.

2nd prize: 800$ for the content creator with the second highest number of followers.

3rd prize: 400$ for the content creator with the third highest number of followers.

6 consolation prizes each worth: 50$ VND for content creators who have a following from 4th to down.

Sub-award system:

1000 people log in first and connect wallet, each prize worth 1$ transferred to Metamask wallet

Randomly 200 people create accounts and connect wallets, each prize worth 10$ will be transferred to Metamask wallet

️Terms & Conditions

1, Any cheating behavior affecting the final result will be banned.

2, Winning players must satisfy the criteria of viewers, number of hearts and followers.

3, All rewards will be transferred to users. Rewards will be paid within 1 week after the end of the event.


Opening the series of events Pidol Xplor - Explore the world with Pidol, you will experience a survival arena, where you train your strength and endurance before going to a new stage.

When participating in the Pidol Challenger minigame, players must survive as long as you can and destroy monsters as much as possible to get the highest rankings. Top 200 players with the highest score will receive super valuable rewards from Pidol.

Total prizes:

Top 1: $1000

Top 2: $500

Top 3: $300

Top 4-10: $100

Top 11-20: $50

Top 21-50: $20

Top 51-100: $10

Top 101-200: $2

Note: Players create a Metamask wallet to receive rewards at the end of event.


Starting time: 00:00 13/10 (UTC+7) - 23:59 25/10/2022 (UTC+7)

Time to summarize and award prizes: 25/10 - 31/10/2022

How to join:

Step 1: Join Pidol's Discord sever:

Step 2: Install the game on your Android device or emulator browser.

Link Game:

Step 3: Players must connect to the internet when participating in the game. All aggregated results will be synchronized on the online server, so if you play offline, the results will not be synchronized and calculated. Players MUST set name same email

Step 4: The player takes a screenshot highest scores and submit to Thread "Pidol Challenger" on Event-Chat channel on Pidol Discord Server


+ Players MUST set username same email

+ The final result will be based on the aggregated results on the server and the player's screen image.